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Hey there-

I’m Ray Seaman, the founder of Ocala Road Investments and the Ocala Road Land Company.

Land is simply one of the best things you can buy, and our mission is to help you do it easily, securely, and affordably.

Our motto is this: Land investing is for everyone. Whether you’re thinking about a place to retire someday, looking for a place to simply get away and connect with your family, having a great new hunting spot, or building a long-term portfolio of land investments, you don’t have to be rich or break the bank to get your dream property(ies). While you can always buy our land at the full cash price, you can buy any of our properties with affordable monthly payments.

Every property we sell should be well within your reach.

We’re also here to help educate, encourage, and inspire. I was once a first time land buyer myself, and I know how intimidating the process can be without much information or a guiding hand. Most land is bought online and sight unseen, which I know can add to the uncertainty. That’s why I’m regularly publishing new articles here about land, the buying process, what to look out for, and why land is such a great asset and a smart investment.

We’re always available by email, phone, and on social media to assist. But we can’t help you if you don’t reach out, so don’t be shy.

Land investing is a journey and we would be honored to be your guide and companion along the way.

Ray Seaman


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We’ll show you why land investing – whether you’re looking to buy an excellent long-term asset, a cool campsite, or something else – really is for everyone.