When Stuff Happens: Our 90 Day Guarantee

The first facepalm? "Cain After Killing His Brother Abel" by Henry Vidal, Jardin des Tuileries in Paris, France.

Nobody’s perfect, and we all make mistakes. The best thing any of us can do – particularly when making a big decision or making a significant purchase like land – is to plan ahead and hedge against risk. Today I want to talk to you about the best way we give people a hedge against the risk of the unknown and unforeseen: our 90 day guarantee.

I want anyone who buys land here at Ocala Road to do so with some peace of mind. After all, I remember well what it was like buying land that I had never been to before for the first time. I was anxious, and I certainly expect a similar set of emotions from any first time land buyer. Even for people who have bought land before, it’s ok to be a little nervous.

Before buying land, always be sure to do your due diligence first. Nonetheless, even the most experienced land investors miss something, make a mistake, discover post-purchase this property isn’t for them, or something unforeseen happens. If you made a big downpayment or made a cash purchase, you’re out several hundred or several thousand dollars now and stuck with land you don’t want, right? If you bought from us, that’s not the case.

Our 90 day guarantee works like this: Within 90 days of purchasing land from us, you can get your down payment money back for any reason. Here’s the fine print:

  • If you bought on terms, you must be current on your monthly payments.
  • We do not refund the doc fee ($249), which we use to cover our time and expenses such as paperwork, filing, and bookkeeping required to complete any land transaction.

The 90 day guarantee is designed to remove some of the anxiety and nervousness about buying land. Once you make your purchase, you effectively have three months to try out your new property and decide whether you want to keep it or not. I think that’s a pretty great deal.

Yes, do your homework and due diligence, but don’t let the actual buying decision prevent you from ever taking action.

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